Gigabyte Bakes Native PCI-E Gen. 3 and Ivy Bridge Support into Latest BIOS for 6 Series Motherboards


It’s impossible to outrun technology, though updated drivers, software, and firmware can keep your gear current for as long as possible. That typically means you have to rely on hardware manufacturers to play ball, and Gigabyte 6 Series motherboard owners will be happy to know Gigabyte is keeping them in the game with significant BIOS updates for its entire 6 Series mobo line.

Gigabyte’s latest 6 Series BIOS updates add native support for PCI Express Gen. 3 technology, giving owners warm fuzzies knowing that future discrete graphics cards will have access to all the bandwidth they need. In addition, the new BIOSes support Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge processors.

The list of 6 Series motherboards is long (15 Z68 boards, 17 P67/H67 boards, and 11 H61 boards for a total of 43 motherboards in all), so rather than post them all here, we’ll refer you to this link. Protip: If you own of these motherboards and plan to upgrade to an Ivy Bridge processor, flash your BIOS before dropping in the new CPU.


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