Everything You Need To Know About iPad 3 Before Buying It

By Ilya Elbert

Apple is finally out in the market with its all new iPad on March 7, 2012. The iPad was launched in San Francisco after much of ado and rumors. However it is the next iPad by Apple after iPad but it is not called as iPad 3. The new iPad is sleek in looks and is supposed to be more futuristic than extremely successful iPad 2.

If you don’t have an iPad, it might be quite tough for you to resist the newly launched iPad from Apple but if you are e already using the iPad 2, you must go through certain points before spending your hard earned money in buying the pricier new iPad.The new iPad is supposed to be available at the market tag of US$499 to $829 which is no ways affordable by all. Apple iPad 2 is still available at the market price of $399.

If you are the one among millions waiting for the launch of iPad3, just hold on and have a look at the points mentioned below. These points might actually change your decision to buy the new iPad from Apple.

1. The Screen

There were many rumors in the market about the ultra sleek and big screen of this iPaad but all the rumors were wrecked when the model was out in the market. The screen of the new iPad was the same as in the previous iPad 2 from Apple. However the resolution of the screen was doubled as compared to the prior version. The screen size remaining same with doubled resolution is actually making it almost impossible to distinguish the actual pixels.

2. Camera

The new launched iPad from Apple has a 5 MP camera whereas the camera in iPad 2 is just 1 MP. The name given to the camera in new device is iSight. This new iPad can record full HD video.

3. Voice detection

The new iPad boasts a feature of voice detection which can convert the spoken words into the text. However Siri was also expected to be included in new iPad. Te user can dictate the emails of other notes in the device using this new feature. A small icon of microphone is present on the virtual keyboard of the iPad which when pressed starts writing the dictated messages by the user.

4. Speed

According to the claims of Apple the new iPad is excellent in graphics and works four times more efficiently and excellently than the Nvidia’s chip. The claim also says that the new iPad has double the speed of Tegra 3 which is an incredible feature. Though the unit itself is dual core but graphics are quad core with the processor of Apple A5X ARM.

The American user may enjoy the excellent speed of the new iPad with more than 100 mbps download speed. However the users in UK will still experience the glitch of slow speed as 4G is not yet activated in UK.

5. Battery

One major glitch in the new iPad released by Apple is that the battery strength is lower than that in the present model. It is actually due to the drainage caused by LTE in the new iPad.

6. iPhoto

This is the new photo editing software in the new iPad. It works almost as a professional photo editing software. There are many more downloadable and payable apps.

7. Verdict

The new iPad is no doubt superior to the older version in some terms but then is coming with a higher price tag. If you are already running iPad 2, there are no valid reasons to switch on to the pricier version. iPad 2 is futuristic enough to work on at the affordable price tag of $399.


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