Apple targets Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note in second U.S. patent case

Apple targets Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note in second U.S. patent case

Emboldened as ever by its court win over Samsung last week, Apple today said that Samsung’s Galaxy S III flagship smartphone and Galaxy Note infringe on its patents in a separate court case.

Unlike the Apple v. Samsung trial that relied on design patents, utility patents, and trade dress infringement (which led to more than $1 billion in damages lodged against Samsung), this case is focused on eight different utility patents Apple says Samsung has infringed on.

To make things even more confusing, this particular case is also being handled by District Judge Lucy Koh at the same San Jose federal court as last week’s Apple v. Samsung trial.

Back in July, Apple successfully scored a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus with the second case, but Judge Koh suspended the sales ban temporarily. Apple previously tried to add the Galaxy S III to the case back in June, well before its U.S. release.

In its court filing tonight (PDF link), Apple added two models each of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to the case, which was initially filed in February and listed 17 infringing Samsung devices. Some of the devices were also listed in Apple’s earlier case against Samsung, like the Galaxy S II line, but this case also includes Samsung’s tablets and media players.

Among the utility patents Apple is listing are patent ’721, which refers to unlocking a phone with gestures on an unlock image, and patent ’172, which deals with a system and interface for offering word recommendations.

Given that Apple is now targeting newer Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S III and the just-released Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, any sales ban could seriously hurt Samsung in the U.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple decided to go the extra mile in this case after Samsung’s poor court showing last week.

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